Slag Processing Co. Egypt - S.A.E. (SLAR):

Introduction :

-SLAR is dedicated to serving the metals industry.

-SLAR delivers value by bringing focus, knowledge, resources and technological innovation to metal producers' non-core business activities.

-Our clients recognize our ability to deliver the competitive quality they demand of a competent and professional mill service provider.

Summary :

-SLAR designs, owns and operates equipment and facilities to provide its customized services. Our role is to provide cost-effective solutions which meet our clients' requirements at each stage of the metal production process.

-Working within our clients' sites, under long-term renewable service contracts, SLAR develops and utilizes specialist technologies and equipment to support its services. Our own highly-trained people deliver these services on a 24-7 basis, integrating seamlessly with our clients' core processes and key operational personnel.

-SLAR can provide small teams delivering a select range of services through to dedicated teams of over 145 providing a complete range of services.

Opertaion Site : -Alexandria National Steel Dekhila (ANSDK).
List of services :

-Scrap management

-Metal recovery

Activities :

-SLAR provides fully integrated systems for managing and optimizing the process by which scrap is received, stocked and delivered to the furnace.  Each scrap management system is designed to meet the exact requirements of the client and tested using simulation models to ensure optimum efficiency. SLAR scrap management system can be customized to meet the specific needs of the smallest electric melt shops and the largest integrated melt shops.

-Various methods are used to discharge scrap arriving by road, rail or barge and collect internally arising scrap. Accurate weighing systems ensure baskets and chutes are loaded in accordance with the menus received electronically from the melt shop. 

-Revert scrap is collected from arising points and transported to the scrap yard or processed to meet furnace charge specification.

-Everyday our metal recovery plants process a wide variety of materials including all forms of slag, mill scale, waste, debris and used refractory.   All metal recovery plants are designed to meet the client's exact requirements.  Throughout SLAR best practice is systematically transferred to ensure the design of each new plant incorporates all our available experience and operations data.

-Many criteria are reviewed prior to plant design including volumes to be processed, type of feed materials, and end product requirements.  All components, such as feed-end design, magnets, screens and crushers are carefully selected and specified.  SLAR has developed its own plant designs, processes and equipment standards based on its extensive operating experience.  All plants are designed to ensure a clean and safe working environment and to maximize plant availability.