Bahna E ngineering Co. Ltd. is a holding company with subsidiaries specialized in railroad construction, steel-mill
services and metallic castings processes. We also have agencies and consultancies, providing advice and help to a wide range
of Industrial Operations throughout the Middle East.
Founded by Eng. Samir Bahna in 1972, Bahna Engineering has always strived to break
boundaries in the various ventures in which the company has participated. Through years of
service to various local industries, we have built a reputation of trust and efficiency
amongst our client base, and have achieved a wealth of experience and knowledge.
In the field of railroad construction we have executed, through our subsidiaries, during the past 35 years, over 1,200 Km.of new lines, 400 Km. of renewals of existing track, 1,400 Km. of maintenance, and about 170,000 welds. These achievments were reached mainly in Egypt with similar activities on going in both Saudi Arabia and Libya.
We are also the major manufacturer/supplier of railway track material in the Middle East.
Furthermore, we are the agents of several reputable international companies for the supply of railway related products and steel mill related materials and equipment.
In the steel industry, we have been carrying out services and industrial operations in three separate  
Steel Mills in Egypt:  
1- ANSDK in Alexandria  
2- Ezz Steel Rebars in Sadat City  
3- Ezz Flat Steel in Suez.